Please Do Not Upload Omari’s Sister’s Projects

Do not force me to do something draconian!

I can’t believe I have to say this again x2.  Please do not upload our projects to ANY of the manga aggregation websites.  Do not strip the credits pages from our work and upload them.  Do not claim that the work comes from another group and upload them.

It is not fair to have a manga aggregation website profit from work they didn’t do.  They don’t share their profits with the original artist or the group that did the translation.

20 thoughts on “Please Do Not Upload Omari’s Sister’s Projects

  1. junketsu and kereshi, magnoloia and various other works I saw posted all over the place, its good you reenforce that policy, because I was noticing lately your works popping up on mangareader, otakuworks, manga fox, mangatoshokan, i thought you had reversed that policy especially when all your recent works were being posted all over by various entities. I am happy your keeping that policy, its a shame people are not following your rules, you should watermark them maybe that will deter future posting of your projects, people hate watermarks and typically wont upload them to those sites, such as what is occuring with A team, they are watermarking to stop reader uploading

  2. At least Mangafox is kind enough to promptly remove our work when I send in a request. Many of the other websites do not provide a way to communicate with them or ignore my requests.

  3. Please do not watermark the whole pages like A-team did for a few chapters of The Breaker: New Waves. I understand that you may be annoyed by the posting of your projects on online readers, but that wouldn't stop those sites from uploading them (mangareader continued uploading them despite that) while it would create tension between Omari's Sister and some of the people following your work that have nothing to do with the uploading. Light watermarks would certainly be good, though.

    It truly is sad that most of the online readers wouldn't even try to listen to the complaints that are sent to them.

  4. I really don't understand the “uploaders”! you kindly share your works through your blog, so it is not necessary to go to an aggregator website to read them…
    And you already said many times your policy…
    I really really don't understand and it very disrespecful (I'm not sure about this word, english is not my native language and i'm too tired for looking for a dictionnary :-)…)

  5. its anonymous#1 Its a horrible thing to have to watermark but its does deter alot of this uploading which shouldnt be occurring, as of late people or groups who are not part of the translating and scanning have taken it upon themselves to distribute material that is not theirs to distribute, disregarding upload rules and even no posting rules. Like A team got alot of crap from some groups but one thing they prevented was uploads of their material, they did that to protect the mangankas but to show the manganka they were not profiting from it, others attacked them but they stoof firm to their grounds at least on certain pieces, cant say all but an attempt was made to protect material, when watermarkeed no one enjoys viewing those on readers, but it does deter good amount of readers from posting the material

  6. :lol they don't care about anything you or any other scanlators regarding this, watermark or no watermark.

    Save your breath, really.

    But if you want to create a watermark, let me have the pleasure to make it :] Or use the one i made sans the holiday & text layers, make a fitting text with it. (watermarking stuff is generally a bad idea in itself, but i think it is more dangerous for raw providers more than scanlators)

  7. Those uploaders don't care about the scanlator's rules/requests/policies in regards to that (an uploader admitted that to me). There are those with good reasons (particularly those that upload and post them on websites that don't gain profit such as locked communities) but majority of them are simply selfish bastards. T_T

    Unfortunately, as long as it's out for free and in public online (in other words, they can get their hands on it), there's no way to stop them because they are incapable of listening in the first place. Official publishers couldn't stop them, what more could a mere scanlator be able to do?

    Ugh, they give me headaches.

  8. I'm sorry the idiots with no respect upload you hard work to other websites ignoring you policy…
    I have your website rss to download your new releases instead of reading online I am sorry you have this kind of trouble

  9. I just sent an email to mangareader asking them to remove Omari's Sister's projects. I hope they will listen, if not, I will ask other people to send similar emails. It upsets me whenever I see manga hosting sites that violate the regulations of scanlators. Only the top manga hosting sites such as mangafox respect scanlators. I wish we had some way to force manga hosting sites to prevent downloaders of your projects to not upload them as well.

  10. Hello. I must say that I do translations from English to Spanish with the AnS to remove the scans Mangareader. I didn't know they were taken from here and that these could not be published elsewhere and so I translated three chapters. Now was the fourth and before publishing it wanted to ask you permission to do so. In the credits the name change to mangareader omari's sister's. Before I publish the translations of the submanga?
    (I'm not so good speaking English but I understand perfectly, for this reason I apologize for my writing.)

  11. @pageCat — yep…well…

    It looks like I will have to put some obnoxious watermarking on that series…sorry everyone…hopefully, after that I won't have to do anything more drastic.

  12. Really it is troublesome to know that some people do not understand anything so easy.
    I hope that it does not happen to them again.
    A lot of luck

  13. Unfortuately with mangafox it's still available in their database so you might want to look into that. They've at least placed you on the list so their shouldn't be any other chapters loaded besides the three (2-4).

    Looked up they've not only posted j+k, they've moved the credits to the last page.

    I was initially wrong about tenmanga guess they have 8 chapters not just 4.

    Anyway sorry that some idiots don't know how to read. Thank you for your hard work.

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