Ouran High School Host Club Volume 18 Extras

First of all, let me encourage you to buy this volume in Japanese, whether you can read it or not (you should have the translation already), in order to directly support Hatori-sensei.  Here are some links to online stores:

And now onto the good stuff.  Like somebody else commented in the teaser post, these extras should give most everyone a satisfying end to the “Ouran High School Host Club” series.  I still want more Kyouya…but I’ll live, I suppose.  Also…I shouldn’t complain too much since I did get this (as written in the chatbox while I was struggling with the Barcelona extra chapter):

I would gladly give up this 60-page monstrosity for 6-page short of TamaXHaru snuggling on a couch on Friday night watching Netflix…as a needed rest after a good performance on midterms…

Wahahaha!!!!  I enjoyed EVERY pixel of the couch snuggling omake *wide grinz*.  And for that moment of joy, I humbly thank Hatori-sensei.

Update 05/09/2011: changed and “of” to “or” on Kyouya page.
Update 04/24/2011:  Included minor edits from Tarasaur (missed sleep bubbles on page 16)
Links to  the “Ouran High School Host Club” volume 18 extras:  (Zip) (PDF — mobiles and tablets) RETIRED

I have no additional comments to make about the extras here because I’ve been posting my thoughts in the chatbox and because I put a few comments in the release itself.  I hope you all enjoy it!  Also, as with all of the Ouran stuff, this release will expire in a month.  I encourage you to purchase the official Viz translation of Volume 18 when it comes out sometime in 2012.  I will, of course, post purchase links as Viz releases the remaining volumes.

Next up!
If all goes well, hopefully, I will be able to release “Akagami no Shirayukihime” chapter 24 by the end of this month.  If not, then it will come out a day or two after “Magnolia” chapter 10.

Oh! and Happy Easter to all of you who celebrate 🙂

34 thoughts on “Ouran High School Host Club Volume 18 Extras

  1. Thank you for the extras! And an extra thank you for being, as far as I can tell, the only person who seems to realize that NOT EVERYONE CELEBRATES EASTER. (It's been a really nasty day for me; screaming kids, useless parents, I could go on and on…) Thanks again, I needed the pick me up ^_^

  2. First and formost (as always), thank you! ^_^ I will most certainly purchase this when I get the money.

    Aw, the little blib about Honey and Mori's little brothers was cute. Mori's little brother, though.. he's gonna be a charmer. I just know it..lol.

    Ha! Hani/Honey (whichever) is awesome. Love him to death. But, I'm surprised he was the 1st to get married.. Oh, well. It was great anyway. 😀

    The twins look cute when they're older. A more “mature” cute..hehe. Little sister.. eh ::shrugs:: Best of luck to them, then (too be honest, I'm glad she wasn't in the manga).

    Wow.. Mori.. wow. He was my 2nd favorite character and I'm happy with the results..lol.

    Oooooh, Kyoya's looking good too! But, like you, I'm sorta disappointed that nothing was really resolved for him. But, since it is not.. I'll imagine that he took over everything and married a women he loved.. and that he is still very attatched to his Host Club friends..lol.

    ::all smiles:: Yes, that was a very good ending. Tamaki still hasn't lost his “King” host club member titled..lol. Also, I am not used to Haruhi having long hair. She looks cuter this way, but not used to it. ::laughs::

    Well, I am pleased with this and the only I would've wished to see were the Host Club's children. Oh, well. It's all good. Thank you again for this!!

  3. absolutelyyy love it!!! what a fantastic ending! thank you so much!
    did u check out the ouran illustration bisco hatori did for the stand up japan campaign? xD

  4. Thank you so much!! 😀 When I saw the link i was screaming because I was so excited XD ^v^ I loved it,& I'm definitely buying when this volume comes out! :]

  5. Thank you Thank you for scanlating this. You're the best! This is the best omake ever! All has a nice ending but like you I wish that kyouya showed more about his future, his wife and all. But other than that it's really good! thanks again! ^_^

  6. Wooooow!!! That was so cute!!! The wedding scene on the last page was beautiful. And I loved the ending of Haruhi having to wipe Tamaki-sempai's eyes. I would've loved to have seen all their wives… especially the twins. But I liked the little sister part, especially how tsundere she is… and the, “There's no need to flatter men…” Thank you for sticking with this one!

  7. OMG THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! This is my ultimate favourite series. XD I'm so gonna buy the original Japanese volumes.. even if I can't read or understand Japanese. =/

  8. Thank you SOOOOO much for translating the omakes and extras!!!!! T_____T Can't wait for the final volume to be released in chinese!!!! Love Ouran SOOOOO much!!! >.<

  9. Thank you for doing this. nididn't seem to grow even later on, huh? Didn't think that he would really pursue a relationship with Kanazuki. I imagine the two of them will be a cute couple.

    Haruhi and Tamaki are so sweet together. I wish they'd give us a view of their life together when they're older. Hopefully, this'll be like Hanakimi, which kept having side stories every other year.

  10. Thank you SOSOSOSOSO much for these extras! I feel like i finally got the resolutions i wanted. I can put Ouran on my list of finished mangas with peace now (:

    But Kyoya… I still wish that he had ended up with Haruhi, getting to choose both a tangible merit and emotional merit through their union. *Sighh*

  11. Oh my wow!! Older Mori looked extremely hottt…

    It was a sweet omake ending! I'm finally satisfied on the TamakixHaruhi story.

    Now as for the rest… isn't it good that their stories are kept somewhat open? That way you can resolve it in ANY WAY YOU WANT! Bwahahahahaha… 😛

    Thanks a bunchies for taking your time out to release this! You're super awesome!!

  12. …thank you so much. I can't say how grateful I am to Hatori Bisco..she never lets us down.

    And to you for scanlating this..Originally I was going to hold out until Volume 18 came out in English, but pfft, my resolve is weak, and thank goodness for that. Thank you thank you thank you ❤

  13. OMG!!!! SO CUTE!!!!!

    though i thought that Hikaru and Kaoru got married and had a kid XXDD ^^a

    Love Haruhis hair in the end =D

    thanks so much for this release <3<3

  14. I'm glad you all enjoyed this. Like many of you I wanted more Kyouya and Mori. Heck, I want more Ouran oneshots in general. I hope like Hana-Kimi and W Juliet we get more occasional special Ouran chapters.

    Thank you all for your wonderful comments and I hope you give thanks to Hatori-sensei by purchasing the volume either in Japanese or when it comes out in English.

  15. Thank you so much! When this comes out in America I'm definitely going to buy it! ♥
    LOL the siblings decided to make a host club, turned into a pet club.
    Aw, Hani got married to that one chick! I wasn't expecting that, and I wasn't expecting him to be the first to get married, but that was adorable nevertheless.
    Mei-chan & bosanova are quite an attractive couple.
    I was hoping Bisco Hatori would make Hikaru & Karou find wives, the little sister.. eh..
    Mori! He became one of my favorites around the end, wow.. Best wishes to him in the future ^^
    I'm kinda disappointed that nothing was really resolved for Kyouya. He looks really good in that picture though. I wish he'd get married to a really nice/pretty girl he loves.
    Tamaki is still the “King” & as charming & hot as always<3 Haruhi looks so pretty with her hair growing out! I like how the parents became good friends. I teared up a little as I saw the page with Tamaki carrying Haruhi bridal style, they looked so beautiful! I bet their wedding was marvelous. I love how they're all still best friends. Ouran High School Host Club ♥ Thanks again for the extras!

  16. It was beautiful! As you said, I wanted to see more of Kyouya but we can't have everything. I'm going to miss Ouran a lot. It really seems like all the characters have matured greatly.

  17. OH MY GOD, thank you so so so much for posting the Host Club's extras!!

    Tamaki and Haruhi will definitely be together and married, of course. God they're cute.

    Hikaru will probably be the graphic designer since he's good at Math. HA HA. I agree with Hatori, it'll be nice for the twins to have a sister.

    Kyouya looks somehow sexy in the future…

    I'm happy that Hunny and Reiko together at last!! Also Kuragano and Class President! They're cute couples!

    Mori never changes, ha ha. I'm happy for his future.

    Overall, thank you for the scanlations and also thank you for Bisco Hatori to make this awesome story!


  18. waaaa!!!! thank you for this extra chapter! this is my most fav anime/manga! ever! thank so much! XD XD

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