Please Remember to be Respectful and Assume Good Intent

I just receives some very discouraging comments from some bitter and petty cowards too scared to comment under their own identity.  As a result, I will be turning off anonymous commenting for a few days to keep the trolls at bay. That said, fans really need to learn how to curb their enthusiasm and remember this is fun and that we all love manga.  The idea is to get as much manga out as possible.   I’m not competing with anyone or any other group and I do my best to show respect to other groups. So please keep your comments constructive and respectful and assume good intent when a duplication does happen.   Communication is poor between translation groups, so duplication is bound to happen.  Don’t just assume that one group or another is stealing projects…ugh…and besides, I’m not opposed to duplication.  I like having multiple perspectives on a translation so duplication doesn’t offend me.  But I understand that most groups don’t share the same feeling and, honestly, it makes me sad.  This is why I try to avoid duplication as much as possible.  In other words, I do my best to avoid duplication out of respect for other groups who may not share my views on duplication.

Moving on…please, OS fans, always be respectful and considerate and understand even if there are duplications, both groups put in some very hard work on the project.  Cheer both groups on rather than tearing down one group or another.  And on that note: unless I know another groups future plans so I can avoid them, I’m gonna do what I see fit for this group and plow ahead despite duplication, unless there’s a good reason not to.  Our release schedule and our future projects are clearly listed and that’s all I can do.  I’m not a mind reader, so unless other groups list what they are working on, I can’t know.  Also, haters, be damned.  Clearly you don’t get it. Your comments will not be read beyond the first 5 words and they will be instantly trashed and forgotten.

6 thoughts on “Please Remember to be Respectful and Assume Good Intent

  1. Ugh, that's awful… I really hope none of these comments originated from any of TP's fans (?). Perhaps it's just my opinion, but I think this “duplication” is a good thing. Regardless of whether or not another group is doing a project, seeing multiple takes on the same series can be an extremely valuable experience from both an editing and translating perspective and allows multiple takes on the same source material. It's a good way to encourage discussion and extra thought on translated material, because, as you said, it's interesting seeing how multiple people interpret the same source- this isn't an exact science, after all. I mean, look at all the different groups scanlating “the big three”- they're not at each other's throats, so I don't see why anyone else needs to take it so seriously, either. I would hope that the fans of these series and the people working on them would accept this as a hobby and carry on that way. Of course, the only time I get irritated is when I see Chinese rescanlations… well, that's a story for a different day (going back to the interpretation part).

    The only way I can see to avoid such things with future projects is perhaps by adding summaries to upcoming series on mangaupdates and crediting the group that intends to pick it up… if that isn't updated, then it's hard to tell how committed they are.

    But that's irrelevant. Soldier on, Omari's Sister! You guys are great at what you do, so don't let the people too chicken to append their name to a post sway your way of doing things.

  2. @TP — No, it wasn't any of your fans. The comments were in reference to pulling the Ichinose Kaoru one-shots from our schedule. However, I think moving forward, unless the one-shots are specifically documented somewhere as being worked on, we'll do whatever one-shots we want. I thought I was being respectful by looking at our to-do list and removing those potential duplications, but apparently some dumb bunnies fueled by dumb bunny reasoning wrote dumb bunny comments. (Stupid is as stupid does — Forest Gump). Hahaha! Well, whatever… *shrugs* I'm not gonna worry about it anymore. More than anything, though, I want our fans to be respectful and appreciative for the work that each translation group does. For many of us this is a hobby and a labor or love, so let's keep it fun and let's have fruitful discussions.

  3. I think the reason why the groups scanlating “the big three” don't have any problem with each other is because they're doing shounen (and their groups have more males in them, they just release as fast as possible and compete that way).

    I'm not saying it's right, but for ages it's just been when shoujo groups claim and work on a series, other groups won't touch it (as spreading resources and working on as many different series as possible? since they don't have to worry about competing with other groups on the same series, this does allow them to release higher quality scanlations since they spend more time on it unlike shounen groups).

    When you have groups mainly composed of im/mature females, “taking” a series from another group always bring on grudges and ill intentions towards the group “stealing”.

    So I think while it IS your scanlation group and you can do whatever you feel like, unless you're actually releasing something higher quality than the other, don't bother since it's not worth the trouble you'll generate from it \:D/

  4. @shu — I've been doing my best not to duplicate unless I thought I could offer something better or different or the project appears to be neglected or abandoned. I think, though, because there is very little communication between groups that occasional duplications will occur. It doesn't bother me and I can't do anything if it bothers another group. The best I can do is release the work we've done if we put time into it and I think readers should be grateful for all the hard work that goes the projects regardless of the situation. And if people happen to be fans or one group or another then be fans. There's no reason to go to another group's website and leave nasty-grams. It's beyond LAME…that's all. I'd like to think we're all adults. I'm grateful to the groups that feel the same as I do and I feel sorry for group that burn a a bunch of energy and time on “bitchcraft” and grudging.

  5. For me, I don't have issues with duplication. I was surprised to find that Aerandria also released 3 Hearts at almost the same time and checked if it was a joint effort, but it was a different release.

    I remember how, despite other groups were dishing out scanlations for Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle left and right, Be With You Scans still taking time to release their own “version”. It's admirable that they still keep it up. I'm putting an emphasis on “version” because that's what I'd rather think of these scanlations of the same series/oneshots – versions. You're looking at different vantages/interpretations and I wouldn't say that one is superior than the other if both were done well.

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