June 2011 At Omari’s Sister

Update:  We are transferring “Duet with a Demon” to Weekend Betsuender.  They are a new scanlation group.  Please cheer them on :).  I will announce what we will be working on instead in a couple of days.

I skipped this post for May because by the time I remembered I wanted to it, it was already the middle of May.  Hee!  Anyhow…first some announcements!  Our recruitment effort went well.  We got some new QC and proofreader volunteers.  Please welcome Chibi Anime Freak and Anime Lover!  Our cleaners leveled up significantly and now are doing tougher redraws.  Congratulations and thanks for putting in the extra effort to increase your skills Silver Lunar, Suzume, and Hahn!  You guys rock!  I also want to say thanks to all the readers out there who contributed thoughtful comments to the discussions we had.  Your participation make this community vibrant and fun  *bows*.  I hope we can continue forward in this spirit!

I have decided to cancel “Soleil” and “The Magician in the Country of Suits”.  After a quick read through of both, I decided there are better one-shots to take on.  I have also cancelled “Depend on a Kiss”.  That series was completed nicely by Kawaii Corner and Shoujo Crusade, so if you want to read that short series, hop on over their websites and read it.

I’m feeling some ambivalence about “Duet with a Demon”, but we’ll make the decision on whether to complete the series after we release the first chapter.

June Releases:

  • “Twelve o’Clock Bell Rings” — Done!
  • Magnolia Chapter 11
  • The Ghost Apartment Manager Chp 5
  • One-shot:  “Blue Rhapsodia”
  • Akagami no Shirayukihime Chp 25
  • One-Shot:  “Ryuu no Moriuta”
  • Pika Ichi Chp 8

If there’s time, I hope to squeeze in Zoo.

8 thoughts on “June 2011 At Omari’s Sister

  1. Great! The oneshot of Akizuki is now in June *___*
    And I saw on the schedule Nanatsu no Kururi! The other new series of Chika Shiomi *¬*

  2. ^_^ Welcome Chibi Anime Freak and Anime Lover and thank you for your hard work.
    Also, thanks to K3, Silver Lunar, Suzume, and Hahn for your guys hard work as well. Special thanks to K3 for bringing such great series to our (my) attention! ::thumbs up::

    What's Duet with a Demon about anyhow? Someone singing to a demon or singing with a demon…?

    Now, what I'm totally looking forward to:
    Akagami no Shirayukihime
    Blue Rhapsodia (so it turned out to be a one-shot)
    The Ghost Apartment Manager
    AND Ryuu no Moriuta

    So, thank you for this line-up!! ^_^ Keep up the wonderful work!

  3. I was not alone in thinking that there's singing in duet with a demon, ahahahaha!!!!

    LOOKING FORWARD TO ALL OF THEM *_* Most curious on the upcoming oneshots, ehehe (I thought the Ogura Akane one was laready a series?)

  4. i actually had duet with a demon in my cart during my last purchase online but i left it out when i found out tat u were going to pick it up xD i was hoping tat maybe i can make a better informed purchase since i only had the last chapter of it so i was sort of taking a gamble & ordering online is priceyyy 😡

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