"Yukarism" Chapter 6 — It’s Better than we Predicted!!

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This chapter of “Yukarism” has restored my faith in manga.  I was so afraid that Shiomi-sensei would chicken out, but this is the real deal.  This chapter is intense and intensely enjoyable.  If you haven’t begun to read this series yet, I highly recommend it.  It has become my second favorite series behind Magnolia.

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Spoiler Alert, Spoilers Ahead

I was prepared to be totally disappointed that Mahoro was actually Kazuma.  With all the disappointment from J+K, I was beginning to think that it was only natural to take a good story and ruin it.  But!  Alas!  We caught part of the twist and were given a very satisfying 6th chapter!

Mahoro/Shizuka — Wow!  Awesome as a girl and awesome as a guy.  I like hot tempered and passionate characters.  The question is whether Mahoro remembers everything now and whether Shizuka made it such that everyone would eventually remember.  That type of scenerio would fit his claim that he would follow anyone who hurt Yuumurasaki through hell.  But now what?  Will we get some clarity on what happened the night Yuumurasaki was killed, or was what just happened the night Yuumurasaki was supposed die and it was prevented?

Kazuma — I did not expect him to be that cold-blooded and nutz.  My husband, though, did remind me this weekend that happy-go-lucky people are usually that way because they are hiding some very deep and very strong anger.  But, still, talk about “ice”…Kazuma is one scary dude.

I can’t wait until the next chapter!  I also hope this is a signal that this series will only run 8 chapters (2 volumes).  It would make me so happy to have a tight little story that goes out with a bang, rather than a series that drags on forever :).

Up Next!

Magnolia Chp 11!  Sui vs Hugo!

29 thoughts on “"Yukarism" Chapter 6 — It’s Better than we Predicted!!

  1. Loved it!! Thanks for your hard work.
    Without your work, I wouldn´t have the chance to read this (I´m a poor danish student, studying japanese at university)

  2. Thank you for the chapter! I would have never expected that Kazuma was the one to kill Yuumurasaki, well at least according to Shizuka anyway.

  3. So good!
    This has become the series I most look forward to each month.
    Volume 1 will be mine as soon as it goes on sale!

  4. Wow, I didn't expect that coming from Kazuma xD And the reaction of Mahoro! It was splendid! hahaha
    Although I am not sure about the identity of the assassin. I don't know what could be the reasons of Kazuma to kill Yuumurasi, really.
    It would be perfect if the series will finish with 8 chapters, but seeing the length of previous works of Shiomi Chika, I don't know what to think…

  5. ::bottom lip quivers:: Kazuma, how could you!? I ADORED you and this is what you do to me!? ::runs away crying::

    ::comes back to finish comment:: I don't think her death was prevented. After all he does say that Kazuma killed her.. so.. fire-y death it is. I'm so sad that it was crazy Kazuma's fault.

    Thank you for this chapter! Good job! ::thumbs up:: ^_^

  6. This chapter just made me go 'HOMG!' through it all. Or maybe it was 'ZOMG!', I don't know. Either way, it was exceedingly amazing!

    It was great seeing how your predictions were all correct! That Mahoro=Shizuka, Satomi=Kazuma, and that Mahoro's hair going all swishy was in fact because of her magical powers…though there's still space for some huge twists and all our assumptions might be proven wrong.

    So, according to Mahoro/Shizuka, Kazuma was the one who killed Yuumurasaki, huh? Through the events of this chapter, that's believable. Kazuma turned out to be more cold-blooded and dangerous than we imagined. I can see him having an ulterior motive all along under the guise of protecting Yuumurasaki. Also, relating to her death, if Kazuma was indeed the one to kill her, then I could of think of a reason for the reincarnation: Shizuka wants revenge from Kazuma for Yuumurasaki's death.

    In the first chapter or so, the memory Yukari has of Yuumurasaki dying indicates that Kazuma also died with her, right? Maybe Kazuma's plan went awry and he died with Yuumurasaki. Or killed himself as well. I could absolutely see Shizuka enraged that Kazuma escaped his punishment, and through his witchcraft, Shizuka is back for revenge…

    The scroll-thing was also in Yukari's memory of his past life's death, right? Maybe that was from Shizuka trying to save Yuumurasaki from Kazuma, just like in this chapter where he saved her from the assassin. Shizuka definitely has feelings for Yuumurasaki, that much is certain from this chapter.

    Alright, I think I've blabbed enough. It's just that the events that happened in this chap had my imagination running wild…xD! Yukarism has always been sort-of-my-favourite, and now, for me as well, it's come under my absolute favourites, right after Magnolia.

    I just hope this series keeps up its pace and intensity and goes on without disappointing us.

    Thank you so much for the scans! This release made me so excited that I almost forgot about stupid dumb bunnies and ugly watermarks. Boo to whoever's doing that crap. Your smugginess can't beat Hugo's, bunny, just remember that!

  7. … oh man. That's sad.

    I should note that it's actually almost statistically impossible for you to prevent uploads since the odds of someone dumb uploading irregardless is pretty high.

    The groups that have been successful are mostly the ones who release via IRC and whatnot. (Although, conversely, groups that use a really restrictive forum have their rules defecated on all the time because they are a “closed community.”)

    That said, I will personally curse whomever uploads Magnolia.

    Hmmm, anyhow, thanks for the chapter! I'll take your word that it's good.

  8. I noticed this chapter was on mangahere as well. Anyways, great chapter XD glad I started reading this series 😀 Thanks for the hard work!

  9. I suspect Kazuma is the kind of nut to commit a murder-suicide. I could totally see him being the kind of wacko who would rather see Yuumurasaki dead than see Shizuka buy her out of the brothel to be his wife. I would see buying Yuumurasaki as the natural answer to the danger she's in. Everyone would win except for Kazuma.

  10. Thank you so much for this chapter! It was so intense. I loved it. I wish more people were reading it. But thank you again for translating and scanning it. It's such a wonderful manga.

  11. Thanks so much for translating this series I absolutely love it!!! I love this manga and you guys too! 🙂

  12. Thank you so much for the hard work!!

    My gosh!! this caught me by surprise!! I didn't expect that to happen! I mean, I was going “OMG” all the time!! I'm new to this blog… I feel really ashamed for having read the chapter in mangareader. I didn't know it was uploaded without your consent… I won't ever read it there again. Once again thank you so much for the release!!

    This is indeed a promising manga! Love this author ❤

  13. Thank you for the chapter =)
    I don't think Kazuma killed Yuumurasak, I think it's someone elese

  14. I am one of the people who really believed Mahoro was indeed Kazuma, and THIS plot twist happens @_@

    But that lead in the first chapter for making us believe so was totally fake then?? Hmm i guess thats what you call a “fails lead” :[]

    I am not disappointed though, Mahoro turning out to be the Witch Doctor was all kinds of awesome and unexpected! 0_0 All that rage was so awesome to witness very good portrayal of her there.XD

    But yeah, in the beginning we see the Oiran dead, along with Kazuma with that Witch Doctor's scroll as the last thing we see, now i wonder what happened? Did the Witch Doctor go in a killing spree out of rage or something?

    I wish, that would be pretty cool *_*

    The witch Doctor is now redeemed from being in my “Smug trash bin”.

  15. Yep, it was fantastic, a drastic turn! And not only that it has reached a climax, and the ending was such a cliffhanger!!! Omygooooood, I can't wait for next month's release!!!
    As for the watermarks, please, whoever it is think of other people before doing something that will affect everybody negatively!

  16. Thank you!!

    Woah – what an unexpected twist! All my assumptions were wrong (I think). Well I like this series, but before this I never really read this so closely.

  17. Thank you so much for this chapter! I was only remotely interested in this manga previously (due to the pretty historical love interests), but this chapter really has me addicted! I was really surprised by their identities. Now I can't wait to see more Takamura x Yuumurasaki!

  18. Do you guys think Hitoha plays a role too because she was reincarnated, too? It seems like only important people were reincarnated o_O

  19. That was a great chapter!
    I didn't expect Kazuma to be so cold. He was the perfect cliched bodyguard secretly-in-love-with/older-brotherly-figure to the “heroine”. Makes it a lot more interesting though. Definitely tops my chart on releases to look out for.
    I'm sorry about whoever uploaded the chapter to mangareader. 😦
    Thank you for your hard work!

  20. If Kazuma was the one who sent the assassin to kill Yuumurasaki, then it would make sense that he would kill the assassin to make sure he keeps quiet. In that sense it would make sense Kazuma would be the one to kill her.

  21. Oh my god this is getting really good!
    Thank you so much! This is officially one of my favorite mangas now. The plot twist just made this whole thing so much better. 🙂

  22. @Michi — It hadn't crossed my mind that Kazuma could be a assassin sent to kill Yuumurasaki. It seemed to that he'd be more of the crazy kind of guy who would commit a murder-suicide to keep Yuumurasaki from marrying Shizuka. But it's also possible that Kazuma didn't kill Yuumurasaki, but rather Shizuka blames Kazuma for letting Yuumurasaki get killed.

    @Aimee — Hitoha — hmm, I don't know. I kinda felt that her story came to an end because she no longer has any lingering memories of the past. It would be nice, though, if she did come back to provide her perspective.

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