"Yukarism" Chapter 7 — This Chapter Has it All!

Hahaha!  In a way those stars in the background look perfect for a 4th of July release.  It’s a nice coincidence :).

Chapter 7…this is a very nice chapter indeed.  I don’t want to say much about it, because I would hate to spoil it.  Onto the link!  I couldn’t bear putting out this chapter with horrible watermarks all over it, so instead I decided to only release a PDF version. It will look great on mobiles and tablets.  For PC users, I recommend viewing at 70 – 75% magnification to get rid of the artifacts.
Note: This PDF cannot be viewed in your browser.  You will have to save the PDF to your hard drive before you can open it.

Link to Yukarism chapter 7:  LICENSED

Spoiler Alert!  Spoilers Ahead!  Read this after you read the chapter!

My Thoughts about the Chapter:
I’m totally 2-D crushing on Takamura Shizuka.  He is an adorable grizzle bear!  I wonder if at the time when Yukari’s soul leaves Yuumurasaki does Takamura have a realization.  Both he and Kazuma keep telling Yuumurasaki to take care of her body.  I wonder does she get sick and one of them kills her rather than see her suffer.  That would be so sad T_T.

I’m continue to love the whole Mahoro/Takamura vs. Satomi/Kazuma hate fest.  I seriously wanna play that video game.  Oh!  And Yukari and Mahoro make such a wonderful couple :).  They are so handsome together.

Anyhow, it looks like chapter 8 will cover things from Kazuma’s perspective.  I expect the next chapter to be violent and sad.  I also hope the chapter closes out the story.  It would be nice for this series to end strong rather than to drag on until we all get tired of it.

Next up!
Next up is a double release of Lily chapter 2 and Magnolia chapter 12!

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