"Yukarism" is going on Hiatus until the End of October

Update:  I’ll do a compromise.  We’ll release chapter 8 in early September.

I just got “Yukarism” chapter 8 and it is not the last chapter.  Rather, the series is going on hiatus for three months after chapter 8 and will resume with chapter 9 on October 26th.  I did have the chance to quickly read through chapter 8 and it’s packed with details about Mahoro’s childhood, Mahoro’s dreaming activities, and a revelation about the true nature of Yuumurasaki’s and Shouma’s relationship…heheheheh…(anyone wanna guess?).  In light of the hiatus and the fact that chapter 7 left us in a good place to rest, I’m gonna hold off of releasing chapter 8 until early October to prevent cliffhanger agony.

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