Ouran High School Host Club July 2011 Special Chapter

This is the first of two planned Ouran short stories appearing in Lala magazine to commemorate the OHSHC live action drama.  This one-shot centers around Mei and Kasanoda who were revealed to an item in the extras from Volume 18.  It’s a cute one-shot. 

Update 7/25/2011:  Update to the translation of Mei’s dialog on page 12.  It’s different enough to warrant re-download for archiving purposes, but the change doesn’t impact the story.

Links to the Ouran High School Host Club July 2011 Special Chapter:  (Zip) (PDF)Retired.
As for the preview of the next special chapter, it reads:  “Can anything be done to stop Haruhi and Tamaki’s heart throbbing delusion…!?”  Ouran will also be on the cover of Lala 10.
Next up…hmm…I don’t know yet…

2 thoughts on “Ouran High School Host Club July 2011 Special Chapter

  1. Was this one-shot ever officially published in English? I bought the official Host Club box set (so, all 18 volumes) and though the Barcelona story was included as a bonus, the Kasanoda/Mei story wasn’t in any volume 😦 And neither was ghostly Kyoya.

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