Magnolia Chapter 13

Hmm…I wonder what happened between Lily and Arthur in the hall…I guess we won’t know until late December T_T.  Anyhow, here’s “Magnolia” chapter 14.  Finally! Another day!  I wonder how many chapters this day is going to last…heheheh… well at least this isn’t as bad as “Skip Beat.”  Anyhow…Nagi’s suffering continues and Ayato is being forced to grow up.  Now I’m suffering as I wait for chapter 14. It sounds like chapter 14 may actually have more than 23 pages (PLEASE!!!  We need a nice 50-pages  PLEASE!!!).  Onto the link!

Link to Magnolia Chapter 13:  (PDF)
Spoiler Alert!  Spoilers Ahead!!
My Thoughts on the the Chapter
I wonder if Ayato and Hugo are heading out to Magnolia forest where they first met.  That would be nice because there would be some pretty pages to edit :). I’d also love for them to have another heart to heart conversation without Hugo going all “honey badger” on poor Ayato.  Show some restraint Hugo!
I have a sneaking suspicion about Ayato’s muscle and joint pain.  I wonder whether the process of Ayato becoming a girl.  Hahaha!  You girls remember those days to painful “bee stings”.
Next up!
Next up is Pika Ichi Chp 9!  Sorry for the delay.  We now have a wonderful translator, Amrai, for the series and she’s cranking through the chapter to help us get caught up.  I’m still looking for an experienced and reliable typesetter for the series, so if you are interested, please send me an e-mail via the contact link in this blog’s menu.

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