"Magnolia" Chapter 14

It’s been such a long day!  At least I was productive, though,  feel like I’m dragging my sorry butt over the finish line and directly into bed.  I was sooooo hoping that this chapter would be longer than 30 pages, but, alas, “Magnolia” chapters keep getting shorter and shorter T_T.  This time there are only 23 pages and two of those pages are a title spread and one is repeat from chapter 13.  I guess the color pages took a long time to paint???  Okay, I’ll admit the color pages are lovely and I am grateful for them.

Anyhow…there’s been some flip-flopping on my part about the name of the country in this series.  Originally I had it as “Anastasia”, but I ended up following the katakana directly and I’m now calling it “Anestachia”.  I’m slowly going through the chapters and updating them with this correction.  I also made a small correction (more like an inclusion) to chapter one.  On page 15, Nagi states that Ayato is next in line for the throne after King Albert’s little brother, who I assume is Vincent.  Yes…the plot thickens.  Though, after Ayato and Sui were born, wouldn’t Vincent be third in line to the throne?  Hmm… maybe this is all wrapped up in the importance of Ayato’s debut.

And now onto the link:
Link to Magnolia chapter 14: (PDF)

Spoiler Alert!  Spoilers Ahead!

It looks like Hugo character is getting toned down from “smash and grab” Hugo to “Sir Hug-a-lot” Hugo.  I prefer huggy-cuddly Hugo any day.  I’m glad Hugo decided to talk to Ayato in between his unstoppable urge to hug and nuzzle poor Ayato.  Ayato…hmm…he/she for a moment seemed perfectly happy to indulge him/herself in Hugo’s arms.  Hahaha!  Poor Ayato is so confused and so confusing.

Thinking second thoughts about Vincent…is he trying to set Ayato up with a man to fall in love with?  And if he is, is he doing it out of malice?  Vincent doesn’t strike me as the type who’s interested in the throne.  He seems to be more wrapped up in his memories of Ayato’s mother, Angela.

The two new people…please don’t let them be annoying…
Next up!  *Bangs head*  I’m working on a one-shot for Bakeneko’s Lair and the “Ouran” August special chapter.  The Ouran special chapter is taking a lot of time to clean due to Lala magazine’s awful image quality and cumbersome redraws.  Anyhow…I hope to get the Ouran one-shot out before the end of next week.

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