November at Omari’s Sister

We need fall banners!  Send in your fall banners! The width is 1200-pixels and the height has to be less than 350-pixels.

October was a wild ride.  We had a big snag which caused us to have to re-clean 4 releases…ugh…Fortunately, the team was up to the challenge and we’ve almost made up the lost time.  October brought us some exciting news.  “Seirei Produce” is back from a year long hiatus and a treat of a series, “Ore to Atashi no Kareshi” popped up in Asuka magazine.  Hooray!

On a sad note, we dropped “Pika Ichi”.  I kept an eye on the chapters for the past 6 months and the story didn’t improve and moved farther away from the kind of series that fits Omari’s Sister.  I would have liked it if the story focused more on studying the characters and their relationship rather than using kidnapping to drive the story along.  Hopefully another group that’s into that kind of shoujo will take the series on.  As of now, though, I have no takers lined up.

No new members joined, but we are saying goodbye to Black Russian. Let’s wish him well.  In terms of recruitment, I do have an immediate need for one or two experienced image editor who can do complex redraws. If you are interested, please contact me (Kuroneko003) via the contact link in the main menu of this blog.

Now onto November!  Shiro Lala is coming on November 11th!  In combination with Kuro Lala, we will be quite busy.  We’ve decided to very flexible with our releases for the next few months to allow us to be able to release as many of these one-shots as possible.  Here’s what he will bring you in terms of series in November:

  • Magnolia Chp 16
  • Yukarism Chp 9
  • Fushigi no Maria Chp 4
  • Seirei Produce Chp 7
  • Akagami no Shirayukihime II Chp 1

Everything else is up in the air.  We will try to get one-shots by our favorite mangaka out ASAP from Shiro Lala.  Please check the release schedule track our progress on various releases and follow our release feed on Twitter (@OmarissisterRel) to be alerted we do release a chapter or a one-shot.

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