Magnolia Chapter 16

“Magnolia” chapters continue to get shorter.  Part of me wishes Naked Ape would go on hiatus with “Magnolia” so they can concentrate on finishing “Dolls”.  The way things are now really isn’t fair to “Magnolia”.   I don’t like the trickling pace and I don’t like seeing and sometimes having to fix the many little errors in the artwork that I imagine are due to being rushed.

That said, this chapter is pretty entertaining and I like Ayato’s casual outfit.  In the background, though, I think events are starting to get repetitive with respect to Hugo popping up wherever Ayato is…not to say that I didn’t expect Hugo to be at the tea party.  Of course he’s gonna show up at the tea party.  I just hope it isn’t the usual let’s stare at each other at the beginning and then ignore each other for the rest of the party.  For goodness sake, let them be in love and let’s get this over with so we can move on with impact of Ayato becoming a full-fledged female.  I’m getting bored with the Ayato/Hugo cat-and-mouse game.  Nagi must suffer the agony of pretty Ayato with breasts!  Will he still be able to be Ayato’s personal servant after that?  And how will Sui react to “Big Sister”?  AUGH!!!  Let’s go! Let’s go!
And now the link to Magnolia chapter 16: (PDF)

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