Akagami no Shirayukihime Chapter 27

Oh, I almost forgot!  “Akagami no Shirayukihime” volume 6 is available in Japanese.

Please support Sorata-sensei by purchasing the book even if you don’t read Japanese.  Here are some purchasing options:

Amazon JP
Yes Asia

If you are timid, I can facilitate the purchase by piggybacking it onto my own purchases.  If you are interested in this option, send me a e-mail via the contact link at the top of this blog.

After going back and forth on the matter, I decided that the continuation of “Akagami no Shirayukihime” in Lala magazine should be called chapter 27.  I settled on this because volume 6 only goes up to chapter 25, leaving chapter 26 for volume 7.  Therefore, it only seems logical that this first appearance in Lala should be chapter 27.  Hopefully, it doesn’t get too confusing since the next chapter is explicitly called “chapter 2 of the Lala serialization”.

Anyhow, the story returns back to Wistal on and the main and supporting characters are briefly introduced again.  If you are new to the series, you may be able to start the story here without having to read the first 26 chapters.  I do, think, though, it’s worth it to read at least the first 3 or 4 and chapters 13 – 16 to understand Shirayiki’s hair issues and Zen’s general Zen-ness and issues. Most of the other chapters cover the Kiharu and the birds arc and the pirates arc.  Personally, I think the omakes are more interesting than these chapters.

Oh yeah!  In honor of the new start in Lala magazine, I decided to do some much desired updates to the look of the series and to tweak some of the names I continues over from before I started translating the series.  The most notable changes are the main font and:

Zen Wisteria = Zen Wistalia
Clarines  = Clariness

Hopefully, this won’t upset you all.  I feel better though.  No more irritation for me.

There are some extras in volume 6 that I haven’t had the chance to turn to bits yet.  I’ll try to get those out after we take care of the high priority stuff from Shiro Lala.

Updated: 11/16/2011 — Small change to the translation on the last page (Thank you Reiu_u).
Updated: 11/11/2011 — re-translation of page 45. Please forgive my farty brain.
Updated:  11/10/2011 — small edits
Okay, now onto the link: (PDF.) (Don’t ask about a Zip. Can’t do it because MFer’s will upload it)

Some thoughts about this chapter and Akagami in general:

It seems that the pirate arc was supposed to be a rite of passage into manhood for Zen.  He’s now effectively fighting with his sword and has an imposing presence — or so it is written.  He still looks 12, though :(.  Looking at chapter 28, it seems that the general trend is to grow Zen up.

Shirayuki — sigh…she’s lost all her power is is now dependent on her “knight” to rescue her and keep her safe.  I hope this is only a temporary state.  I would like to see Shirayuki take a personal journey to regain herself confidence and independence.  A little bit of my heart broke when she said that she chose to follow Zen’s path.  What about her own path?  It doesn’t have to diverge from Zen, but I don’t like the idea of her abandoning herself for Zen.

The Play — hmm…could this be foreshadowing future events?

Next up!

Shiro Lala madness, unless it doesn’t get delivered until Monday (tomorrow is Federal holiday, so I’m not sure if DHL will make deliveries tomorrow.)  If I don’t get Shiro Lala until Monday, then I should be able to eek out “Seirei Produce” chapter 7.

Look out for our Shiro Lala plans on this blog and follow our release on Twitter @OmarissisterRel

If you want to chat with me and some of the other OS members follow me @Omarissister

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