"Magnolia" Chapter 17

First a little shameless plug to encourage you all to give the mangaka money for this manga series by purchasing the books.  Volume 3 (Chapters 10 – 16) has just been released and it has a beautiful drawing of Nagi on the cover and the full drawing of Nagi on the first inside page.  There’s also a drama CD available.

Here are some links to purchase!

Amazon Japan via Naked Ape’s Amazon Storefront:
(Volume 3 only) (Volume 3 + Drama CD)

Yes Asia:
(Volume 3) (Volume 3 + Drama CD)

Since I didn’t know Volume 3 came with the Drama CD, I have an extra copy of volume 3 available for purchase for $12.  If you would like to buy the book off of me, please send me an e-mail via the contact link in main menu of this blog.

Okay and now onto the release!
I’m not sure what’s going on this drawing, but I’m quite sure Hugo is up to no good.  Unfortunately, nothing like this happens in the chapter.  I felt a little cheated because this is exactly the kind of crap I would expect Hugo to pull to get Ayato alone and undressed.  Ahem…Ah…but there’s plenty of tea party left for this scenario to happen.

When I first got this chapter, I had to put it down for a while because the drawings of Sui were way too creepy.  My heart couldn’t stand the idea of making Sui into a completely frightening psycho.  After doing the translation, though, I saw matters were different than they appeared from just looking at the drawings alone.  I have no doubt that Sui is bonkers, but I don’t think he’d focus that bonkers tendency into action without very good cause.  I think in the case of this chapter, Robert Black has been effectively silenced and scared sh**less.  I don’t think this technique will work on Hugo, though, I’m sure there are some fujoshi out there imagining the confrontation now…eww…

There is a big revelation in this chapter and I’m not surprised since this is a common practice in Japan.  It’s paves the way for Ayato x Sui without the ick factor.  Hahaha!!!  Poor Hugo, though.  I have no idea how he can get through the Sui-wall.  There’s no doubt that Sui is a killer.  Ah, the excitement …and then the chapter ends.  Boo!!!!  But rejoice!  The next chapter is coming in 2 or 3 weeks, so the wait won’t be that bad.

Onto the link!

Link to Magnolia chapter 17:  (PDF)

Up Next:  I have no idea.  Lots of releases are almost done.  Most of it depends on when I get the typesetting or the redraws back.

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