"Magnolia" Chapter 19

Nagi’s taking off the gloves…hee!  I think “Lost Lamb” describes Nagi’s situation in this chapter more than “beast”.  Hahaha!  This chapter is such a tease!  Still it’s fun to see Nagi suffer sweetly.  He makes a great martyr.

This chapter ends the Tea Party arc.  I suppose in  the next chapter we’ll get to see what happens the night after the tea party or the next day after the tea party.  Personally, I think it’s time for some Ayato x Nagi time.  Ayato needs to have a heart-to-heart with somebody.  In the end, I’d say that outside of family, Nagi is Ayato’s best friend.  Nagi will listen.

On to the links!

Please do not upload this to any of the manga aggregation websites.  There is no need to since the files are readily available here, and in light of recent evens, it doesn’t help anyone to support criminal websites.

Link to “Magnolia” Chapter 19 (Zip) (PDF)

Next up!  The Nari Kusakawa one-shot and a double release of the last two chapters of “Seirei Produce”.

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