Series Debut: "Pochama ni" Chapter 1 (or 3) by Kaname Hirama

First of all I would like to thank Amrai for helping me fine-tune the translation :). And next I would like to thank “Eagle-Eyes” Kaito for some amazing QC work!  Holy crap! She’s thorough!

This series caught me eye immediately, and after doing a quick read through, I realized I’d come across a real gem.  All three chapters and the one-shot have been released in Japan over the past 2 months, so I’ll do my best to finish this series quickly. That said, I have read through the other chapters, and I still feel this series is quite special and I look forward to sharing the rest of it.

The title “Pochama ni”…this was a tough one.  Basically a “pochama” is someone who likes soft and squishy things or someone who likes chubby people (A LOT). No matter how many ways I and other people tried to do a direct or “close-to” translation of the title, it came out as either offensive or perverted (ei “Chubby Love” or “To a Chub-Lover”).  I decided to go with “Pleasantly Plump” as the English title…but even that may be somewhat controversial. Consequently, I’m not stressing or formalizing that title. Anyhow…I can’t deal did with it anymore, so going forward, I will refer to this series by its Japanese title “Pochama ni.”

What I like most about this story is that the issue of being fat in high school is not dealt with in the expected fashion — girl is EXTREMELY shy and cruelly bullied by skinny bitches.  This is more about Tsugumi’s and Tagami’s progress as a couple and it’s quite nice.

Okay…enough build up.  Onto the release!

Link to “Pochama ni” Chapter 1: (PDF)

Next up will be the group’s final Shiro Lala one-shot release!  There are still one-shots in Shiro Lala we didn’t translate. Perhaps some other groups will get around to completing the entire magazine.

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