3rd Anniversary Wrap-up! Shiro Lala One-Shot: "Taiyou no Yuki" ("The Sun’s Snow") by Yukichi Nakamura

This is the last of the Shiro Lala one-shots that we plan to release. It’s a play on a familiar American fairytale 🙂 (“thumpity, thump, thump, thump…”) with just a touch of another fairytale invoked by the protagonist’s nickname.  Haha! This one-shot took me by surprised considering that this is the same mangaka who gave us that messed up doll shop one-shot in Kuro Lala.  I now look forward to see what Nakamura-sensei come up with next :).

Onto the release!

Link to “Taiyou no Yuki”:  (PDF)

With this, we wrap up our 3rd anniversary celebration! We managed to do 18 releases in a month! That’s pretty amazing considering the size of our core group.  A big thanks goes out to our translators Jade, Blottyparchment, and Amrai for all their hard work over the past few months on these one-shots.  Also a big thanks to Suzume who did a lot of the cleaning and to Ichigo Stars who tirelessly did most of the redraws for most of the one-shots and series we released this month.  And finally, a huge thanks to Holanio for lending us her typesetting skills and to our newest typesetter Kiruku Naru for pitching in when we really needed help!

Our next one-shot party will occur during the month of October! We will be sharing a bunch of spooky one-shots and short-series for your Halloween enjoyment.  Also, in August we will be focusing on water themed one-shots!  Look forward to it!  July, though, we will be focused on our series!  For now, though, we’re taking a little break and we’ll be back in about a week with our next release!

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