"Lily" Chapter 4

I have the sinking feeling that this chapter is going to piss a lot of people off. It’s well worn shoujo territory and there are lots of folk who read OS who are opposed to student/teacher relationships, including myself. Unfortunately, this is part of the “Magnolia” story, so I can’t just not translate it. That would be weird.

I had to set a lot of my brain aside to accept this chapter. First I had to set aside my hatred for student/teacher relationship fantasies, then I had to set aside my hatred for age gap fantasies, and finally I had to shut down a most of the feminist part of my brain to get past Lily’s desperation. I pretty much accepted this as a 15-year girl with raging hormones raging at the first guy she happened to meet.  And what have we learned from past one-shots about 15-year old girls? MEN, STAY AWAY FROM 15-YEAR OLD GIRLS. THEY WILL GET YOU IN TROUBLE FOR LIFE. I like Lily, but Saiga needs to run far, far away from this impending disaster.

It’s pretty funny the way Saiga walked through all the ways their relationship was a bad idea and Lily, in teenage fashion, didn’t hear a word he said. Seriously, Lily? You’re not even going to try to resist your raging hormones? UGH!!! Okay, that aside, it’s well written and well drawn, and I don’t know mind cliches as long as they are done well.

Onto the link!

Link to “Lily” Chp 4: (PDF)

Next up will be back-to-back releases of “Ojousama no Untenshu” Chapters 3 and 4!

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