Halloween Oneshot: "Kanojo no Kare" ("Her Boyfriend") by Tomo Maeda

This may be my favorite short-oneshot so far.  What do I consider short? 20 pages and under. Anyhow…I love the artwork and the story is deceptively beautiful until you give it another read through and a second thought. Then that moment will come when you realize how freaky and messed up this oneshot truly is.  It’s an elegant mind-****.  Kudos to Tomo Maeda!

This is the second short oneshot I selected from Horror Wings 2011.  I wish we could have explored Horror Wings 2011 and 2012 further, but I got the collections too late to do any more than this oneshot and “You are my Dear Mother.”

Moving on…I hope you all enjoy this oneshot as much as I did.  And so without rambling on further, onto the release!
Link to “Kanojo no Kare”: (PDF)

Next up will be another EXCELLENT oneshot from Mikase Hayashi (“Souai Metaphysica”).  It looks like, at least for the next release, we’ll still be on the odd night release schedule, so expect it on October 19th at 12:01AM PST!

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