Halloween Oneshot Poll Results!

Here are the results of Halloween oneshot poll!

  1. F no Meikyuu
  2. Akuma wo Sasayaku
  3. Viskeith no Akai Ningyou
  4. Genei Realism
  5. Yadokari Honpo
  6. Kanojo no Kare
  7. Inoribana
  8. Tomo no Kowai Hanashi
  9. Anata wa Watashi no Taisetsuna Okaasan, Oni Yashiki, Snuff Film Monologue
  10. (no love) Nibun no Ichi — 1/2

I feel bad that we aren’t taking on the “F no Meikyuu” series given the oneshot’s favoritism. Hopefully, a group will pick up a series.  Thanks to everyone who gave us feedback.

We aren’t planning to do another oneshot party like this until our anniversary in June. Until then we will be cutting back on the oneshots so we finish the series that have already been completed in Japan. After we finish the series, we’ll started we’ll do more oneshots again.

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