Looking Forward to 2013 at Omari’s Sister

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a safe and fun holiday season. I’ve been taking a short break from OS since finishing “Ojousama no Untenshu.” I played and beat Torchlight II and watched some movies with hubby. I recommend “Cabin in the Woods.” It was a very clever play on horror movie tropes. “Ted”…well…my husband liked it a lot more than I did. I felt that it was too much of a “man movie” for me. If you can marathon “Family Guy,” then you’ll love “Ted.” Me…I’m sorta a “Family Guy” in the background kind of person. I also cut up a great deal of cardboard for recycling. We had way too much fun with Amazon lightening sales and I gifted myself a crap-ton of manga from Amazon JP, so naturally a bunch of cardboard built up.

Looking forward to 2013, personally, I’ll be starting the job hunt again. hopefully this time I will find a job I like at the appropriate skill level. Haha! Being over-qualified is a horrible position to be in. I think I would rather be challenged than bored. When I do get a job, expect the pace of release to slow. I think we will be able to manage ~120-pages/month (Currently we average ~240-page/month).

Okay, now onto 2013 plans for Omari’s Sister. The priorities for the first half the year are to finish all series than are done in Japan. We will not be starting any new series until we have completed unfinished series. We also will be doing very few oneshots until we finish these series. We will be working on these series according to the following schedule:

January: “Deterame Mousouryoku Opera”
February: “Fushigi no Maria-kun”
March: “Furou Kyoudai”
April – June: “Ore to Atashi no Kareshi-sama” & “Rex Fabula”
July – Sept: “Kemono Kingdom: Zoo”

On a ongoing basis we will release “Magnolia/Lily” and “Pochamani” monthly. After we finish our 7 unfinished series, we will resume regular releases of “The Ghost Apartment Manager.”

We will have some themed oneshot parties:

February: Vampire Weddings
June: OS Anniversary oneshot blowout — Nao Tsukiji, Mai Nishikata, Kaoru Ichinose, Hana Kimi Tributes, and more!
October: Spooky — Aka Lala & Shiro Lala 2012
Other months will be TBD

I’m still evaluating new series to start in 2013. I’ll announce the new series in June. If we finish up the unfinished series early, we will start new series then. For hints about what I’m looking at, please take a look at the Omari’s Sister Tumblr page. I am looking strictly at short series.

As usual, thank to our readers for your continued support and thanks to all the Omari’s Sister volunteers for your hardwork. Let’s make 2013 another great year!

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