"Pochamani" Chapter 1 – 3 (with Zip option)

Update 8/24/2013:  Magnificent Rangers changed to Gluttony Rangers in Chapter 2.

First of all, I am providing zips for your convenience so you can make fanart and what not. Please DO NOT upload the zips to manga aggregators. We don’t approve of manga aggregators, and therefore do not want our work posted to them.

Second: we need winter banners! (Link to specs)

Okay, onto the release. I’m going to post the links first and then comment on chapter 2. I suggest you read my thoughts on chapter 2 after reading the chapter.

Links to Pochamani Chapters:

  • Chapter 1 (Zip) (PDF)
  • Chapter 2 (Zip) (PDF)
  • Chapter 3v2 (Zip) (PDF) — added bumpers from the tankoubon release. The end bumper is important to see.

My Thoughts on Chapter 2:
Although I like the sentiment chapter 2 was attempting, I felt a lot was wrong and ugly about this chapter.

  1. Tagami objectifies overweight women the way women are objectified in general.  It doesn’t make it okay to objectify the appearance of anyone regardless of how they look.
  2. Tagami has the nerve to think he can control Tsumugi’s weight by either feeding her more to make her gain weight or making her do exercise to lose weight. Uh, what the hell, dude? I would not put up with that. I wish Tsumugi would speak up for herself and tell Tagami “I’m the one who ate what you offered, and I’m the one who has to take responsibility for my weight.” Tsumugi weight has nothing to do with Tagami. Tsumugi should weigh and look however she wants. She shouldn’t give a crap about Tagami not wanting her to diet. Screw that! Screw Tagami!
  3. The whole idea of a set of hero/rangers who shame obese people, oh, wait, CHILDREN is horrifying! Perhaps this is a cultural difference between the US and Japan. Promote healthy living without shaming people.
  4. Tsumugi should have bought a skirt that fits. Never buy clothes for your fantasy body. Buy clothes that fit your body now as it is. If you do, you’ll experience fewer feelings of inadequacy and you’ll look good in your clothes.
  5. What female in their right mind wears a skirt to a theme park?! There are fast and upside rides that will blow the skirt up and there are rides where you can’t sit cross-legged or with your knees touching. Themepark = pants or shorts!

Anyhow… in my humble opinion, Tsumugi still has a lot self-esteem issues to work through, and Tagami needs to get over himself. Dude probably thinks he has it easy because it he believes no one else wants Tsumugi and therefore he’s her savior. But that’s the fun of this series. How will these two characters grow?

Seiji… hmm… I wonder if he likes Tsumugi too. I’d love to see someone with a healthy point-of-view with regard to Tsumugi challenge Tagami.

I hope the mangaka gets into the health issues overweight teens face. I’d like to see Tsumugi and Tagami deal with a doctor’s orders for her to lose weight.

Up next is the final chapter of Bisco Hatori’s “Detarame Mousouryoku Opera.”

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