Statistics! March at Omari’s Sister! and Announcements!

First of all, I want to thank all the Omari’s Sister volunteers for a successful March. We finished “Kemono Kingdom: Zoo” and the main story of “Furou Kyoudai”, while managing to complete our usual monthly releases! It was an amazing month!

I’d like to welcome some new members to the Omari’s Sister team:
Akire Shiro: Cleaner — She’s been working on a lot future releases, so her name will be popping up in the credit A LOT very soon.

Julia:  Cleaner/Redraw Artist — She’s been helping with the cleaning and the redrawing on the Vampire Wedding oneshot trio. She’s quite skilled.

Dian and Krazy Kat: Redraw Artists — They’ve been helping out here and there with various series.

Peonine: Translator — She lives in France and has been translating short oneshots.

T, Dango-chan, A.Mere.Trifle: Proofreaders/QCers — They were big helps on KKZoo and Furou Kyoudai

Hopefully, the new folks stick around for a spell.  If you would like to join the Omari’s Sister team, we are currently actively recruiting all position. We are in urgent need of Japanese to English translators and redraw artists right now.  If you are interested, please see our recruitment webpage HERE.

Omari’s Sister Store is ALWAYS OPEN now! I’ll announce when I do a major stocking of new items, otherwise check back often so see what trickles in.  LINK  We need money to buy magazines and tankoubon, so buy some stuff to keep the manga flowing!

Okay, onto the stats!

Top 10 Visiting Countries:

  1. USA (CA, NY, MA, TX, PA) — Hello PA!
  2. Canada
  3. France
  4. Germany
  5. Australia
  6. Philippines
  7. UK — you guys have been steadily moving up the ranks. Hello, hello, to you!
  8. Indonesia
  9. Italy
  10. Malaysia

Top 5 Releases:

  1. Pochamani Chp 5
  2. Furou Kyoudai Chp 3
  3. Kemono Kingdom Zoo Chp 1 – 8
  4. Furou Kyoudai Chp 2
  5. Furou Kyoudai Chp 4

W00t! W00t! I hope you readers enjoyed Kemono Kingdom and Furou Kyoudai.  If you have not read either, please take the time to check these series out.  Kemono Kingdom is very under appreciated, but I feel like it’s one of our best series.  Please at least give the first 2 or 3 chapters a chance. The quirky humor will grow on you.

April we hope to take big bite out of “Rex Fabula”. Our stretch goal is to finish the series, but… I imagine it’ll take at least a couple of big pushes to finish the series.

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