Oneshot: "Zakka ni Umoreta Otome" ("The Maiden Buried Under Novelties") by Nao Tsukiji

First I would like to say Nao Tsukiji’s oneshots are amazing both in terms of artwork and storytelling. Second I would like to say that we are never doing a Nao Tsukiji marathon again! Each oneshot is A LOT of work to translate and letter. Haha, from now on we will translate her works one at a time with long breaks in between. We will resume work on the “Kiniro Kishi” compilation in August. It includes two more two-part oneshots.

Let’s get started with a short oneshot from the oneshot compilation¬† “Kiniro Kishi” (“Golden Knight”). Basically, there’s pretty all over the place. Haha!

A big thanks to Peonine for translating this and to Kaito for doing the lettering.

And now onto the release!
Links to “Zakka ni Umoreta Otome”: (Zip) (PDF)

We’re moving into the final days before our anniversary on the 26th, so we will have a nightly release until then. Next up will our second oneshot from Nao Tsukiji.

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