Oneshot: "Tansu Shoujo" ("Chest of Drawers Girl") by Tsukiji Nao

This is one of the oneshots from Tsukiji Nao’s “Haikyo Shoujo” oneshot compilation.  We were going to translate the actual “Haikyo Shoujo” oneshot, but two other groups have already done it.  If you would like to read the full compilation, then please read the “Haikyo Shoujo” oneshot here (LINK) and we will be releasing the other two oneshots this week.

Thanks to Blotty Parchment for translating this oneshot. It’s a lovely read and probably more of what you all were expecting from Tsukiji Nao, though I would say Tsukiji Nao’s stories all have a twist rather call them “twisted”.  I think the oneshots we translated are all very sweet.

This story is best enjoyed without knowing anything going into it, so I won’t say anymore about it. And now onto the release:
Links to “Tansu Shoujo”: (Zip) (PDF)

Next up will be our third Nao Tsukiji oneshot!

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