"LLLL" Chapter 2

While we have typesetters available, I decided to change the schedule and release the rest of “LLLL” and “Wild Wing” since they are already translated and cleaned. In the background we are working on our regular monthly releases, so January should have a bunch of releases.  Next week we may not have any releases because of the Christmas holiday, but we will make an effort to finish these two series by the end of the month.

We continue on with “LLLL”. This story is so nice and pleasant, but at the same time quite moving in places.  I also feel some underlying the tension building.  The nuance on page 17 is pretty amazing — YIKES! I had to take a triple look before I caught what going on. And then there’s the foreshadowing with Miss Carla. I hope Oregano and Raven will be all right.  *fretting* Haha!  Anyhow, we’ll try not to leave you in suspense too long.

And now onto the release!
Links to “LLLL” Chapter 2: (PDF) (ZIP)

Next up will be “Wild Wing” Chapter 2 tomorrow.

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