October Oneshot #9: “Kaeremasen” (“You Can’t Go Home.”) by Isao Sakamoto

Kaerimasen_001This is our one truly scary in a horror sense oneshot this year. For Halloween, we have a oneshot with a different kind of terror to release. Anyhow, this is another oneshot from that glorious issue of Horror Ciao. Again, I don’t know who thought this oneshot was appropriate for young girls. Seriously, WTF, Japan?! I was so hoping they’d do another Horror Ciao this year, but it has yet to materialize. Boo…

And now onto the release!

Links to “Kaeremasen”: (PDF) (Zip)

The next oneshot will be released shortly after midnight tomorrow! It’s from a horror favorite Yukichi Nakamura. Please look forward to it!

9 thoughts on “October Oneshot #9: “Kaeremasen” (“You Can’t Go Home.”) by Isao Sakamoto

  1. The manga was really good; I see what you mean though, isn’t Ciao is marketed towards girls as young as 9? That is so messed up.

      1. I ended up reading it and found the ending kinda creepy but a befitting one nonetheless. I enjoyed it; thanks for the release!

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