Halloween Oneshot: “Trick or Kiss” by Yukichi Nakamura

Trick_or_Kiss_001First of all, a bit of business! Crimson Flower is recruiting volunteers for all positions. If you are interested in joining CF, please read our recruitment post (HERE).

And finally! Here is our Halloween oneshot. This oneshot is terrifying in a different way from our other horror oneshots “Satsujin Puzzle” and “Kaeremasen.” This oneshot flips the shoujo age-gap romance on its head. I’ll definitely write some commentary about this oneshot in the comments section in a day or two.

Links to “Trick or Kiss”: (Zip) (PDF)

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope you enjoyed this year’s oneshot party. After this, we will return to our regular monthly series. It’s gonna take a couple weeks to ramp back up because we need a little break from the October’s break-neck pace and it takes some time load up the queue again. So thanks in advance for your patience. We should start putting out releases in mid-November.

14 thoughts on “Halloween Oneshot: “Trick or Kiss” by Yukichi Nakamura

  1. Here are my thoughts on this oneshot:

    1. I deliberately did not tag this as a romance, because this is not a romance. This is the story of a creepy and aggressive stalker whose rapiness is excused because he cries and acts cute.

    2. Kouta is one of the most manipulative shoujo MC’s I’ve ever encountered. He is terrifying.

    3. Kouta doesn’t even bother to find out whether Mayu likes him. Rather Mayu breaks under pressure because she can’t say no to his tears. At first she says tepidly yes to end the situation with Kouta… but nope, she ended up having to whack him over the head with her mobile. In the second encounter she kicks in the nuts and then she spends the rest of the oneshot terrified of his presence.

    4. This is not an ideal relationship, rather this a very toxic relationship that will not have a good end.

    5. This oneshot shows that it’s not always the older person in an age-gap relationship who has all the power

    This is clearly a horror story. This story is typical of Yukichi Nakamura stories. All of them are about very toxic relationships.

    1. The cover’s so adorable but the story was so disturbing. I don’t think I liked it, especially how sparkly it looked, but it is an interesting take on the age-gap relationship. I didn’t even think about that!

    2. haha that’s funny. This kind of “romance” is just up my alley. I love clingy possessive types so i thought it was great XD well in fiction anyway lol… so anyways i am very thankful for this, we possessive lover fans (there’s a disturbing amount of us LOL) very much like this oneshot ^^

    3. I found it funny and also very interesting: to me this story has just switched the places and has accumulated several themes into one. For example: age gap romance with obsessive younger ‘partner’, younger girl obsessing and knowing EVERYTHING about boyfriend – also deciding what they do as a couple and when, where, etc, girl throwing herself to other party to seduce and manipulate, girl using cute tactics and crying to manipulate… things that don’t just appear on mangas but on everyday life. And the sad thing is that no one bats an eye when they happen – yet this story that just replaces the girl with a boy and the man with a woman is considered a horror story! (which of course, if it were real, it would be horrific no matter the genders involved)

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