“Kanojo ni Naru Hi” Chapter 15

Kanojo_ni_Naru_Hi_Chp_15_001A bit of business first! We are recruiting for all positions. We are especially in need of proofreaders/QCers, redraw artists, and translation QCers. Please see this post for more information (HERE).

Sorry it took so long to get this released. I was bogged down with the translation of “Seishun Away” chapter 4 and this chapter of “Kanojo” was unusually text dense, so it took longer to polish the translation and to letter.

This is another flashback chapter told from Miyoshi’s point of view. I’m not sure what to feel about this chapter. I guess I’ll write about my conflicted feelings in the comments section in a day or two. I would like to see more of Miyoshi getting used to Miki and overall conquering his gynophobia. It seem kinda limiting for him to only be able to handle Mamiya.

And now onto the release!

Links to “Kanojo ni Naru Hi” Chapter 15: (PDF) (Zip)

Next up will be “The Ice Queen” Chapter 5.

19 thoughts on ““Kanojo ni Naru Hi” Chapter 15

  1. I really enjoyed this chapter. Yes, like you said, it had a lot of flashbacks but i love how it was presented along with Miyoshi inner dialogue about Mamiya. Also the scenes with Miyoshi & Miki was pretty cute

  2. Yay! A new chapter!

    The Miyoshi and Miki parts were great but I’m not sure I understand the point of all the flashbacks. They didn’t seem to add anything or server any purpose. They were just sort of… there.

  3. Thank you for the chapter. It was nice to have a chapter that was somewhat more focused on Miki, given that she is such a recurring character in both series. Although I kind of kept expecting Narumi to pop up at some point.

    On the one hand, I really enjoyed the flashbacks. It was nice to be reminded that yes, these two were friends and that Mamiya’s transformation does mean that some of the things they had have been lost. On the other hand, why have this now? Maybe Miyoshi has just got the wedding blues.

    1. Yes, this was my problem too. It seems a little late in the story for Miyoshi to be missing male Mamiya. And besides what was the point since Mamiya is Mamiya regardless of gender? Maybe Miyoshi needs a new male best friend?

  4. I’m with you on feeling conflicted about this chapter because I liked how Miyoshi and Miki got some development in their relationship that was geared towards fixing his gynophia. On the other hand, it seems redundant for the story to explore Miyoshi’s feelings about losing the male Nao when in previous chapters he was accepting of her and this loss should have been addressed earlier as opposed to their upcoming marriage. I hope it doesn’t lead to anything in the future. I would’ve liked to have seen a build up to Nao confronting her mom about her leaving the family. Hopefully that is done soon.

  5. I agree with having conflicting feelings about this chapter :/ One of the things I loved the most about the early chapters was how Miyoshi told Mamiya that it didn’t matter if she reverted back to a boy – Mamiya was Mamiya, and he’d love him/her regardless. Acting as if the Mamiya he grew up with is an entirely different person than the one he’s about to get married to is… odd, to say the least. (I mean, sure, she *has* changed personality-wise, but not to the point that he can’t “see” the original Mamiya anymore.)

    I mean, it would have been different if the focus of the chapter had been instead on how he might’ve missed their old relationship dynamic – because that does inevitably change when you go from friends to dating – and it wouldn’t even have been that weirdly timed, considering the wedding and all. But instead the focus was on Mamiya’s gender, which was a little uncomfortable, tbh.

  6. Thanks for the new chapter!
    I agree that the timing of this chapter was a little off. The plot about Miki fit perfectly as it is an upcoming issue for Miyoshi, and it has been foreshadowed before.
    Miyoshi’s inner monologue about the loss of his male best friend should have come earlier in the storyline, though. I can only guess that the author implemented it here because Miyoshi’s about to enter a new stage of his life and relationship with Nao. Such a big step does make people imagine the other possible paths their lives might have taken.

    On the other hand, the focus on Mamiya’s gender transformation didn’t strike me as odd. I need to explain this a little further, so please bear with me:
    I recently read an article about transgender people and how differently they are perceived just because their gender changed. Transgender men reported that people automatically saw them as more competent at work, even though they hadn’t changed much personalitywise. They also encountered a greater amount of camaraderie and a loss of intimacy in comparison to their female life experiences.
    Transgender women on the other hand felt that they were more harshly judged and talked about behind their backs, but they welcomed their newly found freedom when it came to interacting with children and other women. In comparison to their time as men, they didn’t have to keep track of their physical interactions with children to prevent suspicion. They were just presumed innocent until proven otherwise, thus becoming able to play with non-related children more freely.
    What I want to illustrate using this example is how much gender influences our perception of others. In this context, it doesn’t strike me as unusual for Miyoshi to feel slightly wistful when he thinks back on best buddy Mamiya whom he has partially lost. It doesn’t matter if Mamiya’s personality remained the same when he transitioned to the female Nao. Miyoshi is still bound to treat Nao differently because we’re wired and/or socially trained to percieve men and women differently.

    1. I agree. In addition, I think what Miyoshi ultimately misses is not the “male Mamiya” but the older brother he saw in him. Although he ultimately still loves Mamiya as his spouse and lover, I think he just misses having that model to look up to. After all, research has found that children look up to same gender models (Bandura).

      1. In the end, I think Miyoshi realized that although his “bro” Mamiya has gone, Mamiya herself hasn’t ultimately changed from being dependable and in that way he has “seen” his former friend again.

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