"Rex Fabula" Chapter 9

Recruitment:  We need volunteers for all positions (Critical need for redraw artists).  If you are interested, please see our recruitment page (LINK) —————————————– Finally, we’re back to some more action in “Rex Fabula”. Instead of removing and redrawing the sound effects, I decided that it would be best to leave them in Japanese because they look like they are part of the artwork and to save up time because there are more than enough redraws involved in dialog and narration alone.  We will continue subtitling the sound effects for rest of the series for these reasons. I don’t like Shion. … Continue reading "Rex Fabula" Chapter 9

"Rex Fabula" Chapter 8

We reach the halfway point of the story with this chapter. Most of the characters have now been introduced, though, I’d say the five  shown here are probably the main characters. I really like the dynamic between Yuzuha and Kotoko.  They show how both of their character archetypes are strong. Yuzaha is scrappy and uninhibited and Kotoko is elegant and reserved. Looking at later chapters, it looks like they have a lot more story together :). We’re slowly plugging our way through. I hope to release chapter 9 by the end of next week.  The next three chapters will come … Continue reading "Rex Fabula" Chapter 8

"Rex Fabula" Chapter 7

At last a new chapter of “Rex Fabula”! With this we start moving into the main story and most (not all) of the main characters are introduced. Chapter 8 and 9 are already translated and will be released within the next couple of weeks. It hard to say anything about the chapter without spoiling it. I will say, after reading the this and the next two chapters I really like all but one of the characters. Hmm… there is one thing I want to comment about that irritates me about manga sometimes.  That is the obsession with status. I really … Continue reading "Rex Fabula" Chapter 7

"Rex Fabula" Chapters 1 – 6 (Chp 6 version 2)

After over a year of neglect, we are resuming “Rex Fabula”.  I had hoped to accelerate the series so we could finish it by the end of May, but the series is proving more difficult that I anticipated. We are working very hard on it, but I think it’s now reasonable to say we’ll finish it sometime before the end the of year because I don’t think we can release more than a chapter or two per month. Regardless, chapter 7 – 9 will be released over the next 2 – 3 weeks, with chapter 7 possibly coming out today … Continue reading "Rex Fabula" Chapters 1 – 6 (Chp 6 version 2)

"Rex Fabula" Chapter 6

If you haven’t read this series, then I hope you give it try because it’s one of my favorite Shounen-for-girls series.  The first 4 chapters are here and chapter 5 is here. There are no crazy monsters in this chapter. Actually, there is much more dialog than there has been in the other chapters so far.  It’s kinda of a nice break, but at the same time it’s the setup for the first real arc in the story. The next chapter introduces a bunch of new characters, so get ready for it. This chapter introduces Kurumizawa Kotoko as a love … Continue reading "Rex Fabula" Chapter 6

"Rex Fabula" Chapter 5

This is our first Omari’s Sister release of “Rex Fabula”!  A little warning about this chapter: the monsters in this series run around naked and have human breasts. It’s a weird artist choice, but I didn’t think it was indecent because there is nothing sexual about them.  It’s distracting at first, but you’ll get used it. This chapter is pretty intense psychologically and action-wise.  We get to see Hamare in action as he figures out what his weapon is and how to use it. Though, by the end chapter, I couldn’t really say what his weapon was, but it’s quite … Continue reading "Rex Fabula" Chapter 5

"Rex Fabula" Chapters 1 – 4

  “Rex Fabula” is moving to Omari’s Sister.  This series is more on the shounen side, but starting in chapter 6 some shoujo elements start showing up.  This series is a nice combination of horror, action, and mystery with a sprinkling of unrequited love.  The main character, Homare, is one of my favorites, so I hope this series finds a happy home here.  I also hope there’s lots of conversation around this series.  It’s a truly interesting series.  Here are links to the first 4 chapters: “Rex Fabula” Chapter1 “Rex Fabula” Chapter2 “Rex Fabula” Chapter3 “Rex Fabula” Chapter4 Chapters 5 … Continue reading "Rex Fabula" Chapters 1 – 4