"Hanaibara" Epilogue

Here’s the short “Hanaibara” extra story that came after chapter 3. I got a good laugh out of this short, but I think it sums up where the story ended. I’ll miss these three. Maybe we’ll get lucky in the future and see a oneshot with these characters. It seems to happen all the time in Wings magazine. If you enjoyed this short series, please buy the book and show Mio Kawahara your love. The book is lovely and comes with color pages and some nice extras.  Here are some links to purchase: ISBN-13: 9784800000996 Amazon JPYes Asia ($9.99 + … Continue reading "Hanaibara" Epilogue

"Hanaibara" Chapter 3 (End)

This is the final chapter of the “Hanaibara” main story. We’ll release the short extra story tomorrow. I guess I really can’t discuss the chapter without spoiling, so I’ll write a comment in a day or so. Oh! There is also a oneshot called “Dirge” in the “Hanaibara” compilation. We’ll present that during our “Halloween” oneshot party later in the year. I hope you’ve enjoyed this series and please look forward to the extra short story tomorrow! And now onto the release! Links to “Hanaibara” Chapter 3 (PDF) (Zip) After the “Hanaibara” short story tomorrow, we will continue the celebration … Continue reading "Hanaibara" Chapter 3 (End)

Short Series: Hanaibara Chapter 1

This is a slice-of-life short story from Avarus magazine that we’ve been working on for quite a while. Thanks to Peonine for the lovely translation. “Hanaibara” is another series that involves an erotic fiction novelist. Are you spotting a trend? I’m glad I waited until the tankoubon released because it includes some gorgeous color illustrations. Flowers are a motif throughout the story, so to give some context, Peonine provided some translation notes. They will be placed at the end of each chapter. This series is 3 chapters long plus an epilogue. We will be releasing each chapter and epilogue nightly. … Continue reading Short Series: Hanaibara Chapter 1

New Josei Series: "Bread & Butter" Chapter 1

Under normal circumstances, we would not touch any series from Shueisha because of over-representation in scanlation and licensed content.  I’m taking a gamble that this series will not be licensed because the main characters are in their mid and late 30s. This is from the same mangaka who brought us “Sunadokei” (“The Hour Glass” or “Sand Chronicle”) and “Piece”. Haha! Hopefully this won’t go off the rails like “Sunadokei” did. I picked this series because I like Hara,  the main male character, and because bread. Do I really need any other justification beyond “bread-baking megane”? Anyhow, I hope you all … Continue reading New Josei Series: "Bread & Butter" Chapter 1

Surprise Josei Oneshot: "Hajimari wa Suna no Ichiya" ("It Started with an Evening on the Sand") by Kaoru Ichinose

It’s been a while since we’ve translated anything by Kaoru Ichinose.  This is a short josei oneshot that appeared in Harlequin Romance magazine. It’s too bad this short oneshot wasn’t a prologue for something larger, but I’ll take it! Hopefully … Continue reading Surprise Josei Oneshot: "Hajimari wa Suna no Ichiya" ("It Started with an Evening on the Sand") by Kaoru Ichinose

"LLLL" Chapter 4 (End) + Extras!!!

(W00t! Another series completed!!!!) Here’s the final chapter of “LLLL”!  Again, many thanks to Aricania for marathon typesetting.  She did a beautiful job.  Also thanks to the Peonine for her wonder translation, Zenny for script editing, and Akire, Julia, Silver Lunar, Lucy, Kumiko, and Ichigo Stars for cleaning and redrawing the series. This was such a lovely series and the extras topped it all off. I really liked the gentleness of the story and the artwork. I would love to see a live-action or animated adaptation of this short series. Because I liked this series so much, I’m looking into … Continue reading "LLLL" Chapter 4 (End) + Extras!!!