"LLLL" Chapter 3

With help from Aricania and Ichigo Stars, we are jamming through the rest of “LLLL”.  The final chapter will be out soon after Christmas Day. This chapter centers around Oregano’s relationship with her brother Ginger. I kinda want to see this played out some more, but this was good. And now onto the release! Links to “LLLL” chapter 3: (PDF) (Zip) Next up will be the final chapters of “LLLL” and “Wild Wing”.  After those two, we will resume our regular monthly series, beginning with the last two chapters of “Magnolia”. Continue reading "LLLL" Chapter 3

"LLLL" Chapter 2

While we have typesetters available, I decided to change the schedule and release the rest of “LLLL” and “Wild Wing” since they are already translated and cleaned. In the background we are working on our regular monthly releases, so January should have a bunch of releases.  Next week we may not have any releases because of the Christmas holiday, but we will make an effort to finish these two series by the end of the month. We continue on with “LLLL”. This story is so nice and pleasant, but at the same time quite moving in places.  I also feel … Continue reading "LLLL" Chapter 2

New Short Series: "LLLL" by Tei Ataru

  Update 12/21/2013: Updates terms “shades” and “dark lamps” to be consistent the rest of the chapters.———————————- We’ve been stewing on this series for a while. The chapters are all translated and the pages are cleaned and redrawn (for the most part >_>).  It’s just been that extra push to finish the chapters that’s eluded us.  Hopefully now that we’ve launched the series, we’ll get the next 3 chapters done soon. As I said in the title this is a short series.  There are only 4 chapters that ran in Avarus magazine (Mag Garden), and they are compiled into one … Continue reading New Short Series: "LLLL" by Tei Ataru

"Nanatsu no Kururi" Chapter 2

Updated 10/3/2013:  Page 10 stitch completed. For those archiving the series, you should re-download. Here is the second chapter of “Nanatsu no Kururi”.  It’s a short, but sweet chapter showcasing more of Sumire’s incredible kindness. I love how he doesn’t judge the subject of this story.  In a way it seems almost like a Biblical New Testament parable. If only people in real life were this lovely. And now onto the release!Links to “Nanatsu no Kururi”: (PDF) (Zip) Next up! I don’t know!  Hee!  Regardless we’re at least 3 days away from being able to release something. Continue reading "Nanatsu no Kururi" Chapter 2

New Josei Series: "Nanatsu no Kururi" by Chika Shiomi

Here’s the long awaited series from Chika Shiomi. We were originally going to release this series on Bakeneko’s Lair, but the violence and sexual content is on par with “Yukarism”, which I think is fine for teenagers. This is an introductory chapter. The story starts in chapter 2. This first story made me cry, so you may want to get a couple of tissues ready. Retranslation Partners:La Noche de Los Caidos — Spanish I hope you enjoy this series.  Please give us some feedback.  We are dipping our toe into josei, but per our style, we will not be doing … Continue reading New Josei Series: "Nanatsu no Kururi" by Chika Shiomi

Initial Exploration into Josei

In an effort to find some more mature content for Omari’s Sister and Bakeneko’s Lair, I’ve been exploring josei manga.  By “mature” I don’t mean sexual and violent content. What I mean is content that revolves around women who are older than teenagers or stories that do not take place in high school or junior high. It’s been a hard genre to research because so much it is what I’d consider pornographic, and apparently so does US Customs, because certain magazines will get caught in US Customs for DAYS. And then there’s the age difference manga that may get you … Continue reading Initial Exploration into Josei

Some Thoughts on Josei Manga

I’ve been following the Tumblrs and Twitter feeds of US and Japanese publishers. Lately Kodansha USA has been answering fan questions.  You should check out their Tumblr (LINK). This morning there is some discussion about josei manga. It seems the observation is josei manga doesn’t do well in the US despite many attempts.  The exception is “Nana”. This got me thinking about my limited exposure to josei manga. First of all, I get bored with josei manga quickly. “Nana” got on my nerves, “Butterflies and Flowers” got repetitive and I didn’t finish the series. I don’t even look at anything … Continue reading Some Thoughts on Josei Manga