"Magnolia" Chapter 32

I am crazy sleepy, so everything I write after this point might be gibberish. I’m sorry.  Anyhow… we’re starting to get somewhere with this chapter of “Magnolia”.  I totally ship Alexandra x Ayato…but well… that wouldn’t make things interesting. Still I like Alexandra and Robert and I hope they still have a role in the story moving forward, or maybe they’ll get a little spinoff like “Lily”. I would really like that.  Hugo, Hugo… what will we do with you? Damn men like him. He so infuriating, but at the same time overwhelmingly sexy. But we’ll get to more about … Continue reading "Magnolia" Chapter 32

"Magnolia" Chapter 31

It’s my birthday, so what better way is there to celebrate on Omari’s Sister than with the release of an epic Hugo chapter from my current favorite series? This chapter is a nail biter! Robert(a) has stepped into a hornet’s nest and I’m honestly scared for her T_T. Hugo is INTENSE! I felt a little of Daniel Craig’s James Bond coming off of Hugo in this chapter. Anyhow, those of you who love Hugo will read this chapter over and over endlessly, and those of you who hate Hugo may actually put your fists through your monitors, tablets, or phones. … Continue reading "Magnolia" Chapter 31

"Magnolia" Chapter 30 Version 2

Update 5/17/2013:  There were a few translation errors in the first version. The errors don’t change the story, but a couple of conversations are now clearer. We’re sorry for the errors, but as usual, when we become aware of errors, we fix them.  So here’s version 2! Also since the URL of the blog entry changed, the comments that were already made were lost.  I cut and pasted them from the history on Disqus so they can still be read. ——————————— Things will be a little slow for the next couple of weeks as many of our members are taking finals … Continue reading "Magnolia" Chapter 30 Version 2

"Magnolia" Chapter 29

This chapter is the prelude to the next arc in “Magnolia”.  I think I now understand that this series is built on a string of social functions. In that way this series feels very Victorian. I’m actually a sucker for stories like this. I love party intrigue and “action” that takes place in the form of clever conversation. I’m pretty excited about this arc because it looks like the Black Twins will be heavily involved. I really like them and it looks like Naked Ape is going to play with their gender confusion. It’s delicious and dangerous. I’m really worried … Continue reading "Magnolia" Chapter 29

"Magnolia" Chapter 28

First of all, thanks to those of you who have supported Omari’s Sister through the purchase of used manga and magazine goodies! There are still a lot great books and items left.  Please help clear my bookshelves and storage boxes and provide the group with cash to buy raws for the series you love by purchasing stuff. There are great shipping deals for US buyers and $15/lb shipping for International buyers.(LINK)————————————————-Continuing on with our “Magnolia” ‘Splosion, here is chapter 28.  With this we are caught up on the series!  This is the other side of what’s happening while Sui and … Continue reading "Magnolia" Chapter 28

"Magnolia" Chapter 27

First a bit of business! Omari’s Sister Store is OPEN!  New books and items have been added for your enjoyment. (LINK)—————————————————————–We are working our way through our back log. I’m trying my best to at least keep “Magnolia” up to date. If possible, later on today we’ll release chapter 28 and then “Lily” chapter 5 will come out on Friday or Saturday. Moving on… there’s some parallelism between Alexandra’s dilemma and Lily’s troubles in “Lily” chapter 5.  But Alexandra’s dilemma is much more complicated, and honestly, I don’t know what to make of his situation.  I suppose if he knew … Continue reading "Magnolia" Chapter 27

"Magnolia": The Black Twins Special Chapter

Here it is on the 30th, just as promise.  This is a cute short chapter with lots of laughs.  It takes place directly after Robert comes back from talking to Sui.  It’s still not clear to me whether Robert is actually “Roberta,”… I kinda hope so because it makes the Black Twins far more interesting. Anyhow, the twins seem very close like Sui and Ayato and I like that. Onto the release! Link to the Black Twins Special Chapter: (PDF) Next up…I don’t know. December is shaping up to be a big unknown. I’m currently working on “Butakai Ouji to … Continue reading "Magnolia": The Black Twins Special Chapter

"Magnolia" Chapter 26

I need to take care of a couple of bits of business first. “Magnolia” Volume 5 is available for purchase. Lily is on the cover and the volume includes Chapters 22 – 16, “Lily” chapter 4 and the Black Twins special chapter. (Amazon JP) (YesAsia) We need proofreaders and QCers. Releases are now being delayed because of the lack of proofreaders/QCers.  If you have time, are fluent in English, knowledgeable about English grammar, and interested in volunteering, please send me an email (omarissister@gmail.com) To see highlights of the stuff in the manga magazines I enjoy, please see the Omari’s Sister … Continue reading "Magnolia" Chapter 26