"Magnolia" Chapter 28

First of all, thanks to those of you who have supported Omari’s Sister through the purchase of used manga and magazine goodies! There are still a lot great books and items left.  Please help clear my bookshelves and storage boxes and provide the group with cash to buy raws for the series you love by purchasing stuff. There are great shipping deals for US buyers and $15/lb shipping for International buyers.(LINK)
Continuing on with our “Magnolia” ‘Splosion, here is chapter 28.  With this we are caught up on the series!  This is the other side of what’s happening while Sui and Robert are talking at the end of chapter 27.  I really want to know what Sui is up to. Does he want Ayato to become a woman? And if he does, why?  Is it because he thinks Ayato would be happier as a woman, is it because he wants Ayato as a female for himself, or is he after the throne?  Ah…and then there’s poor Robert, who I think is really in love with Sui.  Sui has asked “him” to do something that might be unpleasant if Robert truly is in love with Sui. How could you, Sui? I would like to think Sui likes Robert at least a little. But, at the same time, Dark-Sui is too delicious. I hope Sui and Hugo have a great confrontation, though I imagine Ayato will find some way to run off with Hugo for some red hot kissing and skinship (or so I hope.)

On to the release.  Again, please do not upload any of these files to manga aggregation websites.
Link to “Magnolia” Chapter 28: (Zip) (PDF)

Next up to complete our “Magnolia” ‘Splosion is “Lily” Chapter 5.  It should be out on Saturday or Sunday. After that we’ll release the next chapter of “Ore to Atashi no Kareshi-sama” and “Pochamani.”

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