"Magnolia" Chapter 27

First a bit of business! Omari’s Sister Store is OPEN!  New books and items have been added for your enjoyment. (LINK)
We are working our way through our back log. I’m trying my best to at least keep “Magnolia” up to date. If possible, later on today we’ll release chapter 28 and then “Lily” chapter 5 will come out on Friday or Saturday.

Moving on… there’s some parallelism between Alexandra’s dilemma and Lily’s troubles in “Lily” chapter 5.  But Alexandra’s dilemma is much more complicated, and honestly, I don’t know what to make of his situation.  I suppose if he knew the true state of Ayato’s body, maybe a third of his question would be answered. Though, I wonder if Ayato were in love with Alexandra, would his body choose the opposite of Alexandra’s biological gender, Alexandra’s gender identity, or match Alexandra’s sexual preference?  It’s a big ball of “whut?”

Hollier… I think she and Ayato should become best friends since I think they can relate the most to one another. I feel bad that she’s treated so badly. Hollier’s a really a nice girl.

Okay, now onto the release.  Please respect our rules and do not upload any of the files to manga aggregation websites.

“Magnolia” Chapter 27: (Zip) (PDF)

After we finish with the Magnolia ‘Splosion, next up will be “Ore to Atashi no Kareshi-sama” chapter 3 and the “Pochamani” chapter 4

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