Ouran High School Host Chp 81

Here it is!

Link to Ouran Chp 81 (07/27/2010 — updated to include chp 82 previews and minor edits from Kuma-chan. Edits do not impact the story.)
Link to Ouran Chp 81 in PDF Reader Format — RETIRED

I will be retiring Ouran one month after the release of the last chapter.

Also, please support the author and the publisher by purchasing the manga.  Volume 14 is currently available from Viz. Here’s a link to purchase Volumes 1 – 14.

Chapter Notes
Here are some notes that will help you with some of the references within the chapter.

Aphrodite and Adonis

Apollo and Hyacinthus

Castor and Pollus – Gemini, the Twin Stars

Uranus and Kronos – (rather brutal of Kyouya wanting to castrate his own father)

Gokenin Zankurou

12 thoughts on “Ouran High School Host Chp 81

  1. @caztocah, incrivelmenteperto, hakanai, and Liszt — You're very welcome! I'm glad you all enjoyed the chapter!

    @Liszt — You should thank my husband too for being a good sport about being an “Ouran widower” for the past 5-days. He, fortunately, is understanding and supportive :).

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