Ouran Special Short Story and Commemoration

The Ouran Commemoration in Lala Special issue 12/2010 contains a lot of stuff.  I stuck to the stuff that was most interesting to me and took into consideration what might appear in Volume 18 when it’s finally released in English.  Five chapters were selected as key chapters to re-read.  They are chapters 4, 20, 36, 52, and 80.  These key chapters were reprinted and took up the bulk of the commemoration.  Interspersed between the chapter re-prints were interviews and Ouran trivia.  I imagine most of this stuff will appear when Volume 18 is finally released in English from Viz, plus, my interest level is low, so I decided not to translate it.  At the end, a 60-page sequel one-shot was announced.  It will appear in Lala 3, which releases in Japan on January 24th 2011.  We will, of course, translate it and it will be posted on this blog for a month.  Here is the preview:

And now for the short story.  It’s only 6-pages, but it’s fun! Though, I was hoping for something longer that actually extended the story…

Links to Lala Special 12/2010 Ouran Short Story: (Zip) (PDF)

This will be retired at the end of February when we retire the January 2011 one-shot.

And!  Buy Ouran volumes from Viz at the Omari’s Sister’s Amazon store!  Link to the Ouran good-stuff! 

Next up is either “Pika Ichi” chapter 4 or the long version of “Furou Kyoudai”.

10 thoughts on “Ouran Special Short Story and Commemoration

  1. It fences if that him have met enough on this series it is not that I do not like it on the contrary ^^ I believe that it is very good ¡.
    It makes me happy to be able to read his this very interesting information.
    Etoy really very grateful.
    Regards from chile

  2. Haha, that made me chuckle. Tamaki's exaggerations make for a good laugh, but I forgot how Haruhi's imagination can also run wild, even though it was a dream thought up by Haruhi.

    Can't wait to read the oneshot special coming out in January 2011.

    Thanks for sharing, as always~

  3. lol, loved the short story! Thanks so much for translating it I ❤ you guys!!! I kinda wished Hani-sempai had stayed that way tho...:D And Mori-sempai...LOL ❤

  4. KYAAA!! I Love Ouran High School Host Club, still, I do hope they do keep making the series go on. That would be fantastic :D. I can just imagine Tamaki and the other host members traveling to other countries and doing their host stuff. LOL that would be fabulous

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