Magnolia Chapter 5

One agonizing wait is over only to begin another.  The mental well being of a Magnolia fan is never good.  Hahaha!  We finally get the answer to how Ayato’s Dad reacts to Ayato dressed as a woman.  The reaction, in general, is as I expected, but I didn’t anticipate the extent of the reaction.  Needless to say, I was quite pleased by the whole scene.  Thank you Naked Ape for exceeding my expectations!

Links to Magnolia Chp 5:  (Zip) (PDF)

I made a small update to “Magnolia” chapter 2 that has some impact to the story.  I think there was a typo in the original Japanese text and instead of Ayato’s Dad saying that he and Ayato don’t like Vincent, it’s only Ayato’s Dad who doesn’t like Vincent.  I updated the file to reflect the new understanding (link to Chp 2).

Speaking of Vincent…I wonder whether the Dad saying he doesn’t like Vincent followed by the scene where Ayato is having the nightmare is just a “red herring”?  Also  given the picture of the King, Vincent, and Ayato’s mother (Angela) together in chapter 5, I wonder if Angela was born genderless like Ayato?  Maybe they were all best guy friends until Angela fell in love and became a woman.  That would be quite a bit of backstory! *jump, jump*   So many questions and so few pages per chapter!  *sobs*  And now we wait 4-weeks to learn more (well, technically 3-weeks for me — nya-nya!).

Next up is “Orange Chocolate” Chapter 20.  This chapter is mostly more Chiro in Wonderland fan service, but this time there’s a twist since that annoyance Hal is in the mix.  But on the bright side, we get wonderful drawings of Ritsu’s irresistible glaring face.

20 thoughts on “Magnolia Chapter 5

  1. So… if you smell the scent the flowers, you'll start to like him/her…? ::shrugs::

    Indeed the Father's reaction was the best. ^_^ He's a good guy.

    Thank you for this chapter!

    And just to say. Sometimes, Lily's hair bothers me. It looks like stringers in certain shots and it's just bothersome to

  2. @Tin — Her hair sometimes looks like someone skinned Big Bird and put his hide on her head. And then at other times it looks like it has infinite layers of Farrah Fawcett wings. It's like a blond living beast with abruptly chopped bangs. Yeah, Lily's hair is OTT, but would it be Lily without her crazy feather-like locks?

  3. If that this very interesting this one pinches o.o
    I believe that the things estan every you see better ^^
    Thank you for returning I hope that it you follows llendo super many regards ¡
    From chile

  4. ;o; oh my god this was so amazing. Actually, I wasn't expecting the father's reaction but sdjkfhdsjfhdsjk CANT WAIT FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER. The working pair, Naked Ape seems to never dissapoint.

  5. @Faith — That's one of those questions that needs to get answered in future chapters. Maybe there are some hints in the Magnolia legend that was told in the first chapter.

  6. Thank you so much for your hard work put into Magnolia! *gives cookies* This series is becoming one of my favorites ^^ Keep up the good work and I hope the new chapter comes out soon ^^

  7. Thank you so much for this new chapter and your hard work! *gives cookies* The whole magnolia scent thing irks me haha.Can't wait for the next chapter! ❤

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