Magnolia Chapter 23

For those of you who hate Hugo, this chapter is going to suck. I love Hugo, so I thought this was a very romantic chapter. Hahaha! Unfortunately, we are left at the end with a nasty cliff hanger and the cruel news that the mangaka are skipping the next issue in order to collect material to continue the series.  But! Lily chapter 4 is coming out in Itan on the 25th, so we will have a Magnolia related chapter in July!  Hooray! That should ease the pain of waiting.

On to the release!

Link to “Magnolia” Chapter 23:  (PDF)

OS News!
We are working out plans for the next 6 months.  Since one-shots are popular with readers and the group members we are going move to a schedule format that alternates monthly between series focus and one-shot focus.  Regardless, each month we will release a chapter of Magnolia/Lily, AnS (starting in Septemeber, unless it gets licensed), and Rex Fabula.  The rest will be variable. This way we should be able to integrate the color Lalas and the other one-shots we’ve been wanting to do, while keeping up with our series.

I will be announcing the one-shot themes soon, along with other plans as they come together.

Next up! Will be one-shots from Kuro Lala and Shiro Lala and the first chapter of the short series “Pochama ni”.

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