Announcement: "Pochamani" Volume 2 Tankoubon Coming out After March

Much to my disappointment, “Pochamani” Volume 2 isn’t coming out in March, which moves the soonest it could come out to April. We have enough tankoubon chapters to last until March with monthly releases.  I do have the magazine versions, but Hana to Yume print quality ranges from pure crap to medium.  I don’t want to compromise the quality we’ve got from the tankoubon, but at the same time, I know there are some of you who really don’t give a crap about the translation or image quality and just want anything now, first, (because you’re DYING).  Now that I’ve … Continue reading Announcement: "Pochamani" Volume 2 Tankoubon Coming out After March

"Pochamani" Chapter 1 – 3 (with Zip option)

Update 8/24/2013:  Magnificent Rangers changed to Gluttony Rangers in Chapter 2. First of all, I am providing zips for your convenience so you can make fanart and what not. Please DO NOT upload the zips to manga aggregators. We don’t approve of manga aggregators, and therefore do not want our work posted to them. Second: we need winter banners! (Link to specs) Okay, onto the release. I’m going to post the links first and then comment on chapter 2. I suggest you read my thoughts on chapter 2 after reading the chapter. Links to Pochamani Chapters: Chapter 1 (Zip) (PDF) … Continue reading "Pochamani" Chapter 1 – 3 (with Zip option)

"Pochamani" Chapter 1

First of all, things are about to get a little confusing.  Chapter 1 in the magazine, which we’ve already translated, is chapter 3 in the tankoubon.  I knew about this chapter (chapter 1 in the tankoubon) because it was the initial oneshot, but I wasn’t aware of the second oneshot, which is chapter 2 in the tankoubon.  Sigh…. Anyhow, there are a few extra page in chapter 3 in the tankoubon, which was chapter 1 in the magazine, therefore we will re-release the chapter along with chapter 2, so you can get the extra couple of pages. Are you confused … Continue reading "Pochamani" Chapter 1

Series Debut: "Pochama ni" Chapter 1 (or 3) by Kaname Hirama

First of all I would like to thank Amrai for helping me fine-tune the translation :). And next I would like to thank “Eagle-Eyes” Kaito for some amazing QC work!  Holy crap! She’s thorough! This series caught me eye immediately, and after doing a quick read through, I realized I’d come across a real gem.  All three chapters and the one-shot have been released in Japan over the past 2 months, so I’ll do my best to finish this series quickly. That said, I have read through the other chapters, and I still feel this series is quite special and … Continue reading Series Debut: "Pochama ni" Chapter 1 (or 3) by Kaname Hirama